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Eurovision 2013: The Verdict

Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013

So Eurovision is over for another year and so is my Eurovision party – my first party in my new home!

Something I really enjoy about Eurovision is making people who hate Eurovision find a way of enjoying it and I think I was successful in this. Even the scorecards got used.

Onto the scores…

There were some interesting performance and some surprising outcomes. Thankfully my favourite Norway did do quite well finishing fourth.

However, my winner prediction was way off. I knew Denmark was the favourite but I thought another song might just steal the show. In the end Denmark were victors and so they will host Eurovision 2014.

Germany, who I thought would win, came a shocking 21st which was two below UK. Cascada’s song was not that bad but the performance could have done with more than just her on stage.

I am actually impressed with the UK. Bonnie Tyler did give it her all and although we finished on the second half of the board at 19th place we still did better than seven other countries which is a vast improvement from previous years.

Sadly someone had to come last and that country was Ireland. The song was bad and about the only interesting aspect of their performance was when one of the drummers dropped his stick.

The top three were all deserving though of their place and as long as Greece or Finland did not become one of them I was happy. In third place was Ukraine with a song called “Gravity” which began with the singer Zlata Ognevich being carried on by a very tall gentlemen.

Second place was the most handsome man in the competition and perhaps any of the Eurovision contests. Azerbaijan’s Farid Mammadov performed “Hold Me” whilst a man in a box, that we believe is his shadow, mirrored his movements.

And the winner was Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest with “Only Teardrops” which was performed perfectly and although the song did not win me over, she was a very good singer and deserving of the title. Here she is performing at the Grand Final last Saturday…


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Snow days and car troubles


So it snowed recently.

In many countries that is not a big deal. In the UK it is national news. Discussing the weather is something we Brits do often, which is weird because the weather does not change much here. It is either raining, snowing, raining, sunny, raining or raining. We just like warm temperatures with clear blue skies and we are ill-prepared (and terrified) of anything else.

wpid-IMAG1933.jpgThe snow arrived on Friday 18 January. Major roads were gritted making two-thirds of my journey to work relatively easy. Then I turned off the main road and on to a quiet road which had seen very few cars that morning. After slipping, sliding and stalling several times the Megmobile (right) gave up and I ended up at my parents’ house until the snow cleared.

So the moral of the story is – don’t complain about the weather but don’t risk it either. Just prepare for it and enjoy it. Here’s a video of my dog enjoying/eating the snow.


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