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Eurovision 2013: Second semi-final verdict

Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013

Well the last of the semi-finals is over and we now know all the entries performing on Saturday for the final!

This semi-final was not as good as Tuesday’s with only one or two that I think stand a chance of winning but at least my favourite Norway got through. I am looking forward to cheering Margaret on at my Eurovision party.

The ten finalists chosen from this semi-final are:

  1. Hungary: Kedvesem by ByeAlex
  2. Azerbaijan: Hold Me by Farid Mammadov
  3. Georgia: Waterfall by Nodi Tatishvili & Sophie Gelovani
  4. Romania: It’s My Life by Cezar
  5. Norway: I Feed You My Love by Margaret Berger
  6. Iceland: Ég Á Líf by Eyþór Ingi
  7. Armenia: Lonely Planet by Dorians
  8. Finland: Marry Me by Krista Siegfrids
  9. Malta: Tomorrow by Gianluca
  10. Greece: Alcohol Is Free by Koza Mostra featuring Agathon Iakovidis

I chose six of these songs with the exception of Iceland which was a good song but I really wanted San Marino to get through because they never have, Finland which was irritating, Malta which was once again a good song but I preferred Albania, and Greece who were TERRIBLE! Greece always go through but this was just awful and meant that Israel, a genuinely good, well-sung song, did not get through. Poor taste Eurovision.

I also liked Switzerland who did not get through but had the oldest contestant ever to perform at Eurovision at the ripe old age of 95!

My favourites of the night were of course Norway and Romania’s Cezar, who’s voice was nothing short of amazing and has to be heard and seen to be believed. So here it is…

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Eurovision 2012: My verdict

Eurovision has been and gone for another year and has once again stirred up the same anger and excitement as before. For me, however, it was my very first Eurovision party so it was a particularly special contest for me.

If I was a country this is how I would have scored:

12 points Denmark

10 points Sweden

8 points FYR Macedonia

7 points Iceland

6 points Italy

5 points Romany

4 points Cyprus

3 points Ukraine

2 points Ireland

1 points Azerbaijan

My Eurovision party table with dishes from several competing countries

The truth is certain countries will like music that’s local to them and are more likely to like the music from their neighbouring countries. Also we’re forgetting that several years ago the UK came third with a very good song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In all honesty our song this year was dull compared to the other songs in the competition and it didn’t help that we came first either. It was sang perfectly and professionally but it wasn’t as memorable. Sweden was an eye-catching performance and the song stuck in my head throughout the next day. They also get an extra point for reintroducing the “crab walk” dance move.

I don’t think we should pull out of Eurovision. People just have to learn not to take it too seriously and just enjoy the night like me and my friends did.

So hopefully we will stick around for next year and I will get to host another Eurovision party. If you were watching on Saturday, what was your favourite?

I leave you with the winner of this year and next year’s host, SWEDEN!

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Project 365: Day 147

Yesterday was the Eurovision song contest and I had a very successful Eurovision party with my friends. Despite my favourite Denmark and my home country not winning, I still really enjoyed the night. My university friend Steph came to see me all the way from Peterborough so it was great to have a catch up. Here we are ‘flying the flag’.

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Eurovision: Second Semi-Final

Unfortunately, my Twitter went down for the majority of the semi-final tonight but it’s OK, there wasn’t much to tweet about other than some very mashed up songs. Luckily my two favourites of the night (F.Y.R. Macedonia and Sweden) got through but I only guessed four correct in total from my prediction. Here are the final 10 going through to the semi-final on Saturday.

  • F.Y.R. Macedonia – Kaliopi – Crno E Belo
  • Ukraine – Gaitana – Be My Guest
  • Sweden – Loreen – Euphoria
  • Estonia – Ott Lepland – Kuula
  • Serbia – Nije Ljubav Stvar
  • Malta – This Is The Night
  • Turkey – Love Me Back
  • Norway – Stay
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Korake ti znam
  • Lithuania – Love Is Blind 
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Eurovision: First Semi-Final

So the first semi-final is over and 10 finalists have been selected.

In my prediction post I was 70% correct, very good considering I’m usually way off.  So the finalists joining Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Azerbaijan and the UK are:

  • Iceland – Greta Salóme & Jónsi – Never Forget
  • Romania – Mandinga – Zaleilah
  • Cyprus – Ivi Adamou – La La Love
  • Denmark – Soluna Samay – Should’ve Known Better (my favourite)
  • Russia – Buranovskiye Babushki – Party For Everybody 
  • Hungary – Compact Disco – Sound Of Our Hearts
  • Ireland – Jedward – Waterline
  • Albania – Rona Nishliu – Suus
  • Greece – Eleftheria Eleftheriou – Aphrodisiac
  • Moldova – Pasha Parfeny – Lauter
Next Thursday is the second semi-final when we’ll find out the rest of the finalists.
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Eurovision special

Instead of my weekly article, this week will be a series of posts focusing on one of my favourite times of the year. It’s Eurovision time!

Regardless of political voting and some incredibly dodgy acts, I still can’t help but love this competition. Tonight I’ve got together some little bits for my Eurovision ‘gathering’ on Saturday. I’m planning to do party snacks from the different countries taking part along with scorecards for my guests and of course the Eurovision on TV. I’m also planning a drinking game but they don’t know this yet (they will after reading this).

I will be watching the semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday as well so follow me on Twitter MeganC101 where I’ll be tweeting my opinions on the song. My overall verdict will go up shortly afterwards on my blog when the shows have finished.

To see my prediction go here

For more information on the contest go to the official page

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Eurovision 2012 predicition

It’s that time of year again!

This years’ Eurovision will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, following their win last year with Running Scared by Ell and Nikki. The first of the semi finals will be held on May 22 and the second on May 24. The final will be held on Saturday 26 May and already includes entries from France, Spain, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom and hosts Azerbaijan but before we get to that point we have to wait for the top 10 from each semi final to join them.

To a Eurovision standard, there are some good entries that I can see getting through. There are also some very bad and weird ones that I can see getting through. Taking those at a political advantage out of the equation, I’ve made my prediction for this years’ Eurovision Song Contest, although I’m rarely correct. It’s fun either way.

First semi-final (ten to go through)

  • Montenegro – Rambo Amadeus – Euro Neuro – Purely because it’s strange
  • Iceland – Greta Salóme & Jónsi – Never Forget
  • Romania – Mandinga – Zaleilah
  • Finland – Pernilla – När Jag Blundar – Beware of the leaf people! But other than that I really like it when singers sing in their mother tongue.
  • San Marino – Valentina Monetta – The Social Network Song (Oh Oh – Uh – Oh Oh) – They’ve already had to change their song lyrics once after it was originally called ‘The Facebook song’ and breached rules. Even though I hate it this song gets stuck in my head!
  • Cyprus – Ivi Adamou – La La Love
  • Denmark – Soluna Samay – Should’ve Known Better – By far my favourite song at the moment.
  • Russia – Buranovskiye Babushki – Party For Everybody – Elderly women singing and dancing to a club song…only in Eurovision.
  • Hungary – Compact Disco – Sound Of Our Hearts
  • Ireland – Jedward – Waterline – Jedward are back with another quirky pop song.

Second semi final (ten to go through)

  • F.Y.R. Macedonia – Kaliopi – Crno E Belo
  • The Netherlands – Joan Franka – You And Me – I don’t like this song but seeing as there’s an Adele craze going on and this woman is trying somewhat too hard to sound like her, I reckon she will get through.
  • Belarus – Litesound – We Are The Heroes
  • Portugal – Filipa Sousa – Vida Minha 
  • Ukraine – Gaitana – Be My Guest
  • Bulgaria – Sofi Marinova – Love Unlimited
  • Croatia – Nina Badrić – Nebo
  • Sweden – Loreen – Euphoria
  • Estonia – Ott Lepland – Kuula 
  • Slovakia – Max Jason Mai – Don’t Close Your Eyes

And out of those already in I’m not sure if I like any to be honest as none of them particularly stand out to me. Here’s the British entry to make up your own mind. Follow me on Twitter (@MeganC101) during the final where I’ll be tweeting my views on the performances and the voting.

And here’s my favourite entry so far


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Eurovision! My verdict

Azerbaijan wins Eurovision

Eurovision 2011 winners Azerbaijan

Well Eurovision has passed for another year and I have to say it was probably one of the best Eurovisions I have ever seen. Eurovision is the only show where you don’t have to be on drugs to see a gnome on a uni-cycle playing a trumpet. The high standard of entries this year kept me entertained throughout, however, I was very surprised with the outcome.

Firstly, I’m going to give out my points. This is my top 10 of Eurovision 2011.

12 points – Slovenia

10 points – UK

8 points – Georgia

7 points – Serbia

6 points  – The man with the sexy voice (Italy)

5 points – France

4 points – Ireland

3 points – Hungary

2 points – Switzerland

1 point – Austria

Take note of how different my vote compares to the European vote.

I’m going to explain my votes but firstly I’m going to rant about the entries that did well and clearly shouldn’t have. There’s one thing about Eurovision which everyone knows. It’s a Geography lesson. Why? Because you can learn which country is next to which purely by who they vote for. I’m glad, however, that this sort of voting was booed heavily by the audience. Sadly it was still counted. The day Cyprus and Greece cannot vote for each other is the day the Eurovision becomes the best programme ever. And starting on that…

Greece. What the hell! The worst song in the entire contest. I screamed the second the votes started coming in for them. How tone-deaf does everyone have to be to think these were good? Not only did they have the worst rapper in the world but they managed to combine it with the worst singer in the world and call it a song. Utterly awful! Yet they got higher than us.

Greece were not the only bad ones though. There was also Denmark who always manage take someone elses song and put their own words over the top. Then there was Ukraine who clearly got points for the sand woman not the actually singer.

Those are the truly awful ones done and sadly all of them scored quite high which shows that Eurovision still hasn’t changed that much.

Then there’s my votes. It was a toss-up between Austria and Azerbaijan for the one point and clearly I made the wrong decision. I actually really liked the Azerbaijan song but it wasn’t really my bag over the other songs I picked. Then Switzerland and Hungary whose songs were both very catchy.

Now number four. I know I said I hated these guys and I still find them seriously annoying. They remind me of hyperactive kids. There’s also one other problem…the can’t sing! But you really do forget all that when watching them and I’m ashamed to admit it but the song was actually really catchy. They did put on a really funny performance that made me laugh.

Then there was France. A completely different song to anything else in this contest and beautifully sung. Very surprised they didn’t get more points. Italy however became the closest I got to the actual vote. Italy’s answer to Michael Buble had one of sexiest voices ever. Good to have you back Italy!

Next I picked Serbia. I would have given them more if they’d sung in English. I’m usually a big fan of countries singing in their own language but this song really did sound better in English.

Now, I liked Graham Norton’s narration this year, however, there was something I disagreed with him on and that was Georgia. I thought they were great. It is true they were very different to the usual Eurovision song but I thought it was a really good song and well performed as well as that awesome background. Not to mention a much better rapper than Greece.

Blue at Eurovision

Blue performed well but it just wasn't enough

Ok, maybe I am being biased but if I can’t vote for them normally I will vote for them here. Blue were awesome. I have to be honest, I have missed Blue. I was disappointed they didn’t get more votes. Look on the bright side though, we got 10 times more points than we did last year.

Then there’s my winner. Slovenia! The song No one by Maja Keuc was definitely the best song and the best sung song in the whole competition in my opinion. Have a listen to it here(new window).


My winner! Slovenia's Maja Keuc was fantastic

So there you have it. My vote. I’m looking forward to next year already. I’m interested to hear other people’s opinions as well so comment on this with your top 10. Thank you!

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‘I can’ but will will it be enough?

Yes, Blue are going to be singing for the United Kingdom in the 2011 Eurovision finals with their song ‘I can’. I’ve listened to the song and also watched them performing the song live on The Graham Norton Show last week and I have to be honest..they’re not half bad. The song has the same distinctive cheesy inspirational content that all Eurovision songs seem to take on but this one is actually quite catchy and I find myself actually singing along whenever I listen to it. That’s a sure sign that the song is a good ‘un.

I’ve been watching the Eurovision every year since 1997 (when the UK last won) and even though I despise how political it’s become there’s just something about this show that I love. Funny enough I don’t think it’s the musical side of the competition that draws me in. I actually mute the TV sometimes. The voting is perhaps the most exciting bit, more specifically the first five countries because that’s when the voting pattern is really established for the rest of the show. Every year I sit thinking maybe this year we might get a look in but sadly it’s always the same.

We haven’t had the best musical performances so it’s not like I’m saying we should have won but if you look at the songs coming out of other countries we’re not really that different. Now I must have a problem with my ears or musical taste because the winner never really is the winner and we’re often left with an anti-climax. Only recently has that changed with the new voting system where the winner is decided by not only the public but also a professional jury in each country and the voting is then combined. In the last two years we’ve seen some pretty good songs in the competition all though last years winner Lena was not my favourite (i preferred the Belgians’ Tom Dice).

So the voting isn’t as bad as it seems but what about our competition this year? We won’t know exactly who we’re facing in the final til the semi-finals have taken place but if we’re up against Jedward (sorry Ireland) we stand a pretty good chance of not coming last.

So I’m giving my full support to the boys and will be watching them in the live final on May 14 on BBC 1

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