Race for Life 2013

06 May
Race for Life 2011

Race for Life 2011

I may not have the same level of fitness as I did two years ago but I am giving the Race for Life another go.

In 2011 I ran my first Race for Life but sadly did not reach my target of £100. I had to take a gap last year and during that time I have not seen the inside of a gym. But hey, it is for a good cause and I have a month to quickly learn how to run again.

Loads of Race for Life events take place across the UK every year where women can run, jog or walk to raise money for Cancer Research.

In 2010 my mum was diagnosed with cancer but, thankfully, by December we had received the news that treatment had worked. Before this time I barely knew anyone who had experienced cancer in their family or cancer themselves. Since this, I have discovered the huge impact it can have, not just on the sufferers but those close to them as well. For instance, I have met so many women my age and younger whose mothers have been diagnosed with cancer and, in more than one case, had lost their fight.

This is why it is so important to keep fundraising for these causes. As long as there are people out there still fighting cancer, we should keep on running against it.

I will be running the Basingstoke 5K race on Wednesday 19 June. To help me reach my target you can go to my JustGiving page at

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