Need a hobby?

21 Aug

Me (aged 12) singing with my dance group

As you may know by now, I have many interests and I’ve always been keen to try new things.

The other day I was part of a conversation about clubs you joined as a child. I began to reel off my list which included everything from piano lessons to gymnastics and Taekwondo to ballet. Then I realised that I had actually done quite a lot as a child and it was a shame I hadn’t managed to continue with some of my clubs and hobbies.


My parents always got me involved in lots of clubs from a young age. I started dance classes aged four and within dance I did it all. Ballet, modern, jazz, disco, hip hop, belly dancing and I think the only ones I didn’t try were ballroom and salsa.

I also learned to play quite a few instruments, including piano, recorder and keyboard. Aged 12 I combined my piano lessons with classical singing and then went on to join a big dance and singing club for children. Then I returned to classical singing when a space opened at the Young Musician’s Trust.

Me (aged 12) with my yellow belt from Taekwondo


Sports were also something I was interested in. I took up swimming from a young age and built up a collection of award badges. I also joined a gymnastics club briefly but couldn’t stand my teacher who made me do all the demonstrations even though she knew full well I wasn’t very good at them. I was only six at the time!

I joined netball classes at primary school and then went on to play games at the local leisure centre. Aged 12 I took up Taekwondo but I was a late starter which was a little demeaning. The class I was put into was for under 13s and I was the oldest but by no means the strongest. Being kicked and punched by a freakishly strong eight year old wasn’t my idea of fun. Then I was moved to the adult group but left after a short period when I realised the second youngest was in his twenties. Not fun either.

Me (aged four) ready to dance

Other clubs

Outside of sports and music I joined three brownie groups before graduating to Girl Guides when I reached secondary school. Even though I made a few friends, went camping, got involved with lots of different activities and events, not all the girls were innocent Girl Guides. They’re was one “gang” of older girls who really picked on the younger ones. One even went as far as to tell a group of people I had a contagious disease because of my vitiligo. Despite this, I stayed and made it to the top rank of sixer.

What next?

When I reached my GCSE’s all my hobbies took a back seat. The next hobby I took up is what I am doing right now – blogging – and I’ve stuck to it ever since. It’s not a club as such, however, you are part of a large community of people who enjoy doing the same which feels like a club.

Now I want to revisit some old hobbies and start some new ones. I’m not taking up gymnastics again and I certainly won’t be going back to Girl Guides but I wouldn’t mind trying piano lessons or dance again. I like the piano but I never really appreciated it as a child. I barely ever rehearsed because I wanted to go play instead and I think if I went back to it now I would be much keener to learn.

Here’s a list of new (and old) hobbies I’d like to try now:

  • Piano
  • Salsa
  • Join a book/writing club
  • Try painting
  • Join a gym class – preferably Zumba
  • Keep on baking and blogging!
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