I’ve fallen for Instagram

30 Jul

Recently I was introduced to a brand new mobile app called Instagram. You may have heard of it. Take photos, make them look pretty, share them with world.

Well I love it. I actually cannot stop using it and it’s odd because when I first heard about it I thought it was stupid. Even the person who showed me it didn’t like it and gave a half-hearted approach to showing me what it was about.

Then I decided I might give it a go so I downloaded it. At first I used a few photos I already had and messed around with the filters. A few people added me and I followed them. Unfortunately for me, a lot of the Facebook and Twitter contacts I had that used Instagram have left it already and I was a bit late to hope on the bandwagon.

However, I still love it because you can be creative with something that’s already creative. I can show people my life through my eyes and enhance photos to appear more how I saw them, even if I didn’t get it on the first shot. I’m not a fantastic photographer but with this I can be a little bit better and I don’t see what’s wrong with that or why so many people are critical of it. I’m not trying to make a living out of it or use it as opposed to Photoshop to make myself look like a model (I haven’t “Instagrammed” any photos of me yet). I’m just having fun with it.

And I have the gallery to prove it! Search for me: meganc101

CupcakesLast winterNight skyGingerbreadSevern BridgeFruity pancakes with cinnamon butterIce creamBarbecueA380 at Farnborough Air Show

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