101 cats

25 Jul

I had shelves put up to accommodate my whole collection

Here’s a little secret your probably didn’t know about me. I have 101 cats. I used to have more but unfortunately they’ve either broken or got lost…

Yes, it’s true. I’m a crazy (ornamental) cat lady.

A few months ago, I uploaded a post about the popular crazes I was involved with as a child. Now I’m going to share with you a unique collection I started myself when I was just seven years old. As a child I was often taken to car boot sales but I hated them. I’m not sure exactly which cat was my first cat or who thought a collection was a good idea but I know one thing, I was cat obsessed. Starting my collection definitely made boot sales more exciting.

Boot sales are great for tat and little cat ornaments are far easier to find than you may think. The moment my collection started it didn’t stop. At every car boot sale I browsed every table and searched through every box for a new addition to my collection.

When my friends asked what I wanted for my birthday, I would ask for a cat ornament. I didn’t care about toys. I must have seemed like the strangest child ever. I also received a “Collector” badge at Brownies for my impressive collection.

Sometimes I was given free ornaments by stall holders because they didn’t want to charge a child 10 pence for a little cat. I even found a broken little cat on the floor made from two shells. I’m not quite sure how old it is or where it came from but I named it “Lucky” before claiming it for myself.

Not just ornaments

After a year or two I began to come across ornaments I’d seen before and so I moved on to bigger things like posters, picture frames, books and soft toys.

A birthday present I received from a school friend

I’ve stopped collecting now, however, 14 years on from when I brought my first cat, the collection I do have is almost completely intact.

Other parts of my cat collection include picture frames

“Lucky”, a cat I found made from two shells

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