Snow White and the Huntsman

02 Jul


Cinema is getting very expensive now so I only go when I really want to see something. In this case, I’m not going to lie and say I was ecstatic about seeing this film. Tom had some free tickets which had to be used that day and as they were standard only, we had the almighty choice of two films, ‘The Five Year Engagement’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. As they were Tom’s tickets, ‘The Five Year Engagement’ was crossed off immediately so that left us with the latter.

It looked fantastic in the trailers and I do like it when film-makers take a dark approach to well-known children’s tale like they did with ‘Red Riding Hood’, but it wasn’t going to be something I paid money to see.

Directed by Rupert Sanders, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ is the story of a princess whose father is tricked into marriage by a witch, after the death of his wife. The Evil Queen kills her husband on their wedding night, imprisons his daughter and takes over the Kingdom. Fuelled by her hatred of men and obsession with vanity, she steals the beauty of young women to keep herself young. She then learns from her Magic Mirror that Snow White holds the key to her immortality but could also destroy her. Now an adult, Snow White manages to escape before the Evil Queen reaches her and runs into the Dark Forest. The Queen hires a local man (the huntsman) to bring Snow White back but when he finds her, they become friends and he sets out to protect her.

The cast were a mixture of good and bad. On one end you had Charlize Theron, a fantastic actress who played the Evil Queen, and on the other you had Kristen Stewart who played Snow White. I do like Kristen in ‘Twilight’ but I think that’s only because there is genuine chemistry between herself and Robert Pattinson. Any other role she plays seems a bit dull. The huntsman, played by ‘Thor’ actor Chris Hemsworth, seemed to play a more key role in the film.

My favourite characters in the film were the dwarves, played by well-known British actors including Bob Hoskins and Ray Winstone. These guys made the film for me and were very funny.

The special effects and story were equally enthralling, however, I was extremely disappointed by the ending which had this huge build up and then it ended rather suddenly and unimaginatively.

They have now announced that there will be a sequel to this film but have given absolutely nothing away about the plot. I’ll be interested to see how they carry the story on.

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