A night with the ghosts

18 Jun
In the cellar of Avenue House

In the cellar of Avenue House

On Friday, four friends joined a group of thirty budding ghost hunters and a small team from Haunted Happenings, to see if they could make contact with the spirits that reside at Avenue House, a Victorian house in Finchley, London. The experience left them both confused and terrified.


There were a mixture of people in our group including genuine ghost hunters who brought their own equipment and sceptics, like us.

We started the night by being broken up into smaller groups. Gemma, Gillian, Richard and I had a workshop where we got to look at the equipment used in ghost hunting. We all tried our hands at dowsing rods, two L-shaped rods which can supposedly answer your questions and find things you’ve lost. These worked really well when we knew the answer but then Richard and I were asked to find our belongings which had been hidden in the room. It took a very long time to find them and I literally walked around the whole room before I came across my keys.

Then we went on a tour of the house. First went into the cellar and it was like stepping into the set of a horror movie. Creepy, no windows and endless dark tunnels. We all went into one room and turned out the lights. Then someone started playing some chanting music and nothing happened at first but then I saw some mist on one side of the room. Then suddenly it floated away.

Can you see the face?

Can you see the face?


We then went upstairs into several rooms which all had stories of ghost sightings. The room we found most interesting was a large room near the very top of the house. We conducted a seance and then they moved the four of us on to a smaller table for some “table tipping”. You put two fingers from each hand under the rim of the table and wait for the spirits to move it. Believing there were children in the room we used sweets as bait. Every time we asked if they wanted the sweet the table tipped and the sweets fell off. We asked a few more questions like their age and gender and came to the conclusion it was a teenage boy. We also discovered he really did not like Richard and the table kept tipping his side to knock him off. Then we did an energy circle (you stand in a circle in the dark, holding hands and ask for the spirits to join you) and Richard felt as though he was being pushed. It was very funny to watch at least.

Then we went back down to the cellar. I accidentally volunteered to be put into a room on my own and quickly change my mind when a door closed on us without anybody pushing it. I swapped places with someone else and went back to try the Ouija board. When we got no response we tried an energy circle. This is when things got really creepy. Hoping to see the white mist, I stared at the wall where I had seen it before. Nothing happened but then it went dark, really dark, and then I realised this dark shadow was actually really close to me. It was going around the circle and I wasn’t the only one who had seen it. Both Gemma and another girl in our circle saw it. I was so happy when the lights came back on.


Then we got some time to ourselves and decided to go back to the top room where we’d spoke to the teenage boy. Perseverance was key but eventually the glass started moving. Then when it stopped abruptly I saw Gemma staring towards the other side of the room, she jolted and we all scattered.Gemma explained she had seen a white mist go from one side of the room to the other, like what I had seen in the cellar.

Then Richard had the bright idea to go back into the cellar and do an energy circle in another room. Noises could be heard on command and Gillian felt like she was being pushed but by this point I was passed laughing. Just very freaked out.

Lastly, we had a group seance in the cellar room. Several people claimed there arms were being moved, some in very uncomfortable positions and they had to be removed from the circle.

Goodbye ghosts

Before we knew it was 4am on Saturday morning and it was time to leave Avenue House and its spirits to rest.

I went for the entertainment and it was very entertaining. Everything can be explained really, such as our eyes played tricks on us in the dark, the glass and table moved because subconsciously and collectively we probably were moving it. The only bit I can’t explain is why certain people felt they were being pushed.

When I got back home I uploaded all my footage to make a fun video but came across two strange noises on the recording. One of a low howl and another of what seems to be cackling. Richard also found something when he made one of our photos sepia. It appears to be a face. It’s up to you what you make of it.

Haunted Happenings do ghost hunts in many different locations across the UK. See if there’s one near you by going here.

Scary noise?


WARNING: Some strong language

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