Eurovision 2012: My verdict

28 May

Eurovision has been and gone for another year and has once again stirred up the same anger and excitement as before. For me, however, it was my very first Eurovision party so it was a particularly special contest for me.

If I was a country this is how I would have scored:

12 points Denmark

10 points Sweden

8 points FYR Macedonia

7 points Iceland

6 points Italy

5 points Romany

4 points Cyprus

3 points Ukraine

2 points Ireland

1 points Azerbaijan

My Eurovision party table with dishes from several competing countries

The truth is certain countries will like music that’s local to them and are more likely to like the music from their neighbouring countries. Also we’re forgetting that several years ago the UK came third with a very good song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In all honesty our song this year was dull compared to the other songs in the competition and it didn’t help that we came first either. It was sang perfectly and professionally but it wasn’t as memorable. Sweden was an eye-catching performance and the song stuck in my head throughout the next day. They also get an extra point for reintroducing the “crab walk” dance move.

I don’t think we should pull out of Eurovision. People just have to learn not to take it too seriously and just enjoy the night like me and my friends did.

So hopefully we will stick around for next year and I will get to host another Eurovision party. If you were watching on Saturday, what was your favourite?

I leave you with the winner of this year and next year’s host, SWEDEN!

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