My childhood crazes

16 May
My childhood crazes

With the announcement of Furbies returning to shop shelves this year, I’ve taken a trip down memory lane to look at some of the crazes I was involved with at school. 

I was born in 1990 and spent all of my early childhood in the nineties. There were loads of crazes to follow back then and if you weren’t in on them you were the odd one out.Here are the top five that I remember growing up with.

Bouncy balls

It’s amazing that something so small and simple could provide so much enjoyment. Bouncy balls were a lot of fun and have been around for many generations. They came in all colours and sizes and seeing how high you could bounce them (possibly losing them in the process) became a great competition.


Another old toy that survived centuries, with some evidence dating back to Ancient Greece, was the Yo-Yo. I remember the competitiveness over who had the best Yo-Yo and who could do the best tricks. I vaguely remember “Around the world” and “Walk the dog”. The nineties saw a new generation of Yo-Yos (called Pro-Yos) hit the playground and there are now official competitions for Yo-Yoers around the world.


Furbies were one of the most loved Christmas presents of the nineties. Everyone wanted one of these hamster owls. They recognised certain phrases, played games and you could even put two together and let them have a conversation. Downside was sometimes it was difficult to shut them up. Hopefully they’ve fixed this with the new species.

Pokémon cards

One of the biggest crazes to date (and it’s still a huge hit in the gaming world) was the Pokémon franchise. I hated these cards at first. Everyone seemed so obsessed and I just didn’t get it. Then someone gave me one of their spare cards and I was hooked. At first I collected my own cards and then I combined my pack with my brothers. We watched the cartoon series and played the Pokémon games on Game Boy Colour. I even took the cards on holiday with me as you were guaranteed to meet someone you could trade with. Me and my brother almost got all the cards from the first generation but then they brought out loads more and I lost interest after that.

Beanie Babies

First launched in 1993, Beanie Babies were the adorable stuffed animals that every child could collect. It was hard to find an animal that hadn’t been beanie-fied, even mythical animals. They weren’t just stuffed animals though. Each animal came with their own tag which included their name, date of birth and a short poem. I still have all of mine.

Find out about the next-generation of Furbies here

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