Project 365: Day 109

18 Apr

This has to be the worst day ever for me and technology. We’ve always had a lot of stress in our relationship but never as bad as today. Bad things really do come in threes and in the last hour I have successfully destroyed two pieces of costly electrical equipment and almost destroyed a third.

From an earlier post I mentioned I had no TV channels thanks to the digital switch over. At the weekend I had brought what everyone had told me was the correct adapter. Today I tried to put it together.

I failed miserably. The red light you see in the photo below should be green. “Red” wasn’t even a word mentioned in the manual. After diagnosing my symptoms online I was pretty much told to “bin it”.

Angry, I picked up my massive old TV and tried to put it back on the shelf. Unfortunately I dropped it and although it didn’t damage the TV, the aerial attached to it snapped in half.

Round three came when I began ranting on this blog about what had just happened when the internet decided to cut out. Knowing it would take just a quick press of the restart button, I snuck into the bedroom where we keep the modem and tried to restart it in the dark without waking anyone.

Before I knew it, I had pressed a button which caused every phone in the house to ring. Frantically trying to turn it off I pressed another button which turned the entire modem off altogether and wouldn’t come back on. Just to let you know just how bad my luck was, there were only three buttons I could have pressed.

Eventually the internet did come back but I’m now TV-less and above all, I’m still channel-less.

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