Thank you Gotye

21 Mar

I’m not a musical genius but I like to think I have good taste in music.

I like a lot of different types, including rock, pop, dub-step and even classical when the occasion calls, but I’ve recently grown tired of modern music. Firstly there are too many dance tracks in the chart at the moment. I love a dance but sometimes all I want is a meaningful tune that I can sing/hum along to in my car. The kind of music you can chill to and relate to.

Then Gotye appeared in our charts, and at last faith was restored.

Gotye (pronounced Got-tee-ay) is a Belgian-Australian singer who has been number 1 in the UK singles chart for five weeks in a row with the song “Somebody that I used to know” (featuring Kimbra) and if you listen to it you’ll know exactly why faith has been restored. It’s about a man who can’t understand why his ex suddenly cut him off from her life when they broke up. She, however, feels the relationship was rubbish and that he always blamed her when things went wrong. Both of them are fantastic singers and the song also has quite a quirky, retro tune, sampling Luiz Bonfa’s track “Seville” and even a bit of “Baa Baa Black Sheep”.

"Making Mirrors", Gotye's third albumIt’s not just the fact that this song is so great, it’s also fantastic to see other people agree that this song is great.This is what people like and want to hear more of. From this I started listening to more of Gotye’s music. “Hearts A Mess” is also great and completely different from “Somebody that I used to Know”, which is a breath of fresh air from some singers who seem to reuse old tracks like they’ve run out of ideas. Each of Gotye’s songs are unique, as are his creative music videos (and I mean creative). He has recently released the video for his latest song “Easy way out” which can be found on his latest album “Making Mirrors”along with “Somebody that I used to Know”.

You may still think I have no idea what good music is so I’m going to give you one last example.

Good music

Bad music

Any questions?

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