The other side of Guildford

12 Mar

The Keep, Guildford

The Guildford Keep

When ever I visit Guildford town centre I spend most of my time walking around the shops on the high street, but when you do this every time you often forget that there are two sides to every town. That can definitely be said for the historic and scenic town of Guildford.

View of Guildford

View of Guildford

After a morning swanning around shops, as we usually do, Tom thought it would be a nice idea to show me a different side of the town he grew up in and took me off the main street towards the The Keep. It is the only distinctive feature of the old castle still intact and is now home to a historical exhibition. Instead of going in, we decided to make the most of the sun and took a detour around the well-kept castle grounds.

Golden Sands

Golden Sands (Tom makes it look easy)

Then we walked down a narrow path between two Tudor houses which leant over so much they were just inches away from kissing each others’ roofs.

We then reached the canal which runs parallel to the river and as we walked I did my usual ‘reading-canal-boat-names-out-loud’ and ‘envying-the-lucky-buggers-who-live-in-the-houses-along-the-river’.

Little stone bridgeWe walked passed a little picturesque stone bridge and then we reached the golden sands of Guildford at the foot of a hill. After eventually reaching the top, we were greeted with a beautiful sight.  To my right was Guildford and to my left was fields, forests and sparse dots of houses. In front of me stood the ruins of St Catherine’s Chapel.

St Catherine's Chapel

St Catherine's Chapel

After that we walked down the other side of the hill and back a different route into Guildford town centre. Not bad for two hours.

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