Project 365: Day 43

12 Feb


Today, me and Tom decided to try a new couples activity and make our own beer.

Ok, so this wasn’t a random decision. Tom got a beer kit for Christmas so we decided to put it to good use. After sterilising the bucket, we poured in the ‘premium lager’ malt and 3L of boiling water. Then we added the 1kg of sugar which we had to buy last minute.

Unfortunately, it was a Sunday afternoon and most shops were closed. After finding one that was open we had to answer the big question, brown or white? Tom went for brown and was adamant that he was correct. You can now see from the photo that our lager doesn’t look very lager-ish but we shall see.

After the sugar dissolved, we filled the bucket with cold water and fitted the lid loosely. Now it’s a waiting game.

This beer takes three weeks to make and in two weeks we will be bottling the mixture so we’ll know then whether the ‘Meg&Tom homebrew’ was successful.

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