Project 365: Day 23

23 Jan


In the Day 15 post you’ll remember I brought some new shoes. For the last few days I’ve been thinking about what I should do with the box. Shoe boxes are great for lots of things, particularly storage. I’m currently under going a major bedroom clear out and the other day I stumbled across my old childhood collection.

Some children believe in fairytales. I believed in witchcraft and the paranormal. I read books about it and watched horror film after horror film and I was intrigued. I started collecting candles and precious stones. I wrote down spells from the internet in my spell book and even fashioned my own Ouija board, which made for an interesting sleepover one night. Then I subscribed to a magazine which covered pretty much anything spiritual and my collection grew and grew until I had a whole drawer dedicated to my little hobby.

Now this is what I have left. I’m not a believer in witchcraft anymore but I still use some of the items today. The rest are keepsakes. I still us the candles and incense sticks. I keep the runes and stones because they look nice. I also have a collection of tarot and zener cards, a pretty spell book which I now call the memory book and my dream book, which I still use. After I started suffering from nightmares in my late teens the book really helped and I still believe dream interpretation holds some truths.

So there you have it. One of my old childhood phases in a nutshell (or a shoebox).

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