2011: My official ‘don’t give up’ year

29 Dec
2011: My official ‘don’t give up’ year

At the end of 2010, I admitted I had a terrible year. It had started with an abrupt end to a relationship, been plagued with a blizzard within the first few weeks, unforeseen volcanic eruptions cancelled holidays and then worst of all my mum fell ill. So I said that I would make 2011 the complete opposite. With my mum in remission and my last year at university ahead of me, I was going to make this year count and I can safely say it did.

Here are my highs and lows of 2011.

Top 10

1. Graduation: If it wasn’t top of my list then there’s something very wrong. I worked three years to get to that point. There were a lot of moments I thought I might give up but I didn’t and I’m very glad I didn’t.

2. Drivers licence: A close second. I’m glad I came back to it and tried again.

3. Got a job: I actually thought this would have taken a year to accomplish, if not more. A lot of people kept saying that unemployment was terrible, especially in journalism, so I was prepared to wait a while and had already planned what I would do with my spare time (get more work experience and qualifications). I was really surprised when I landed a job at a local magazine.

4. Braces off: I waited a little too long for this but now they’re finally off after three years, however, due to my many stupid sleeping habits I take my retainer out every night in my sleep. I just hope that doesn’t mean I will need braces again in future.

5. Tenerife: A fantastic holiday and quite possibly the best I’ve had so far…and the volcano was warned beforehand.

6. Southport and the NUJ guys: A brilliant work experience opportunity. Got to meet a lot of great people who’ve given me some great advice and I’m still in touch with them.

7. Turned 21: I’m sure it would be on my top ten if I could remember it.

8. Race for life COMPLETED: After attempting a practice marathon in sixth form and failing miserable I accepted that running wasn’t for me but this year I gave it another go. I actually managed it and in good timing.

9. Other charity events: I enjoy writing about and getting involved in charity events and there were a few this year. I hope for more next year.

Heather and Steph eating cake

10. Being mentioned on the Cosmopolitan website as having a fashion sense: First time anyones acknowledged my fashion sense, let alone a national magazine.

The bad

1: Rest in peace Tiger: The lowest point of the year would have to be Tiger passing away.

2. Car troubles: It’s great having your own car as long as it works.

3. Exploding laptops: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, electricals and water don’t mix.

4. Stress: Learning to deal with stress is something I need to work on in future. I let it get a bit much for me this year and ended up having an anxiety attack at one point. I aim to tackle this problem head on next year. Stress balls at the ready!

5. Bike. Lampost. Puncture: That is all.

I’m going away for a few days and won’t be posting until the end of next week but I am starting Project 365 for 2012 and will be posting a photo everyday form January 1st. It is supposed to be the end of world next December so let’s make 2012 a good’un!

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