Graduation special: What do you wear for graduation?

14 Nov

My graduation takes place in just one week so my blog will take a graduation theme for the next seven days. I’m doing very well with the preparation. Cap and gown hired, photographs booked, hotel booked…actual clothes I’m supposed to wear underneath the gown?

This question has plagued me since the moment I realised you can’t just wear a cap and gown. I think up until now I seriously thought I could go commando because it actually never entered my mind. It wasn’t until a coursemate asked for advice that I suddenly realised that I to had no idea what I was supposed to wear.

And it’s not just MY clothes I have to sort out. I now have my parents frantically asking what they’re supposed to be wearing (we leave a lot of things to the last-minute). “What do the other parents wear?” Um sorry this happens to be my first graduation ceremony…

So what do you wear for graduation? It’s got to be formal but not wedding formal but it has to be a little better than work formal and not all black because then you look like your attending a funeral. I have to decide dress or top and bottoms and then if I pick top and bottoms I have to pick skirt or trousers and then there’s colour, accessories, shoes, not to mention hair and make up (oh my God I’m frightening myself just writing this).

I’ve looked in my wardrobe and a part from the odd summer dress nothing really screams formal. It all says “let’s go clubbing” or “let’s have a quite night in front of the TV” and then there’s my old white blouses from my waitress days which are probably the closest I’m going to get but just seem so boring. Nothing says “Let’s go graduate!”

Then there’s the weather. Being November I can only guess that it will be cold and if it does rain I will hopefully be inside or I will be using my gown as an umbrella.

I’ve done some research and here are the guidelines I’ve created. On graduation day we shall see if they really worked.

  1. Skirt not trousers – If I decide against a dress apparently trousers are a no-no for women but then that obviously means tights because of the weather. Therefore, the top would have to be anything but black. White shirt and skirt is looking ever more the viable option.
  2. Hook the hood – According to graduation hire companies you need something on your top half for you hood to hook on to whether this be a button or pin. They do warn that a pin may tear. Also, a low-cut dress or top makes this particularly difficult.
  3. Flat head – There’s no point spending time on elaborate hairstyles only to put a hat on your head. Hair is best kept down and simple on this day.
  4. No T-shirt and jeans – like I needed to remind myself
  5. Shoes – I have a very ill-treated collection of shoes so this is probably one of the main things I will be looking for. I’m guessing black or I could go with the shoe colour of the year and opt for nude. I want to be smart and tall but I really don’t want to have sore feet so let’s get the best of both worlds and get some mid heels.

Or I could do what this guy did…this is one way to leave a lasting impression.

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