Five things I’ve learnt whilst being a cyclist

07 Nov
A bike runs on fat and saves you money, a car runs on money and makes you fat

I'm gradually learning this

I cycled to work for over three months and although I’m now driving I actually quite enjoyed the hour-long journey to work every morning. You can learn a lot from cycling, particularly about drivers. Here’s five things I’ve learned.

1. Men are more courteous drivers: Sorry girls but I can’t recall a single time a woman allowed me to cross the road. More often than not a female driver would block the road completely where as men seemed to let me pass without even a second thought.

2. Transport snobbery: It really exists, especially on trains. As soon as I arrive with my bike I can hear the groans from all the way down the carriage. One particular time there were two men on either side of the doors. The vestibule was packed yet the aisles in the carriage were completely clear. Expecting people to move down I was surprised when they all choose to look the other way and one guy turned and sarcastically said “Good Luck”. Then out of the blue the other man grabbed my bike and pulled it into the vestibule much to the disgust of the other passengers. “There you go” he said. Thanks.

3. You can never have enough inner tubes: Message to every person who cycles. Always carry a pump and an inner tube. You never know when a nail is going to pop out of no where and jump straight in your tyre.

4. Even inanimate objects are dangerous: Look out for parked cars and lamp posts especially. They are lethal!

5. Cows are aliens: Sounds odd but I always passed a cow field on my way to work and every time I was followed my several pairs of eyes. Those eyes belonged to cows. They all watched me and then one day I stopped and looked at the cow closest to me. It winked! I looked away and looked back. It winked again! It actually winked at me and then kept watching me. X Files music has never played so vividly in my mind.

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