Life after uni: Learning to drive

05 Nov

There are two main types of student. Those who learn to drive before university and those that learn after. Very rarely will you come across someone who learnt whilst at uni. These students are usually attending universities nearby and live at home so they can afford to do this.

The cost of learning to drive is extreme. The lowest price you will probably get for a lesson is £25 and then you have the added cost of your theory and practical followed by the purchase of a car and all the added costs that come with that. Secondly, If your university is in a city or town you don’t need a car and if you pass before you go to uni you may need some refresher lessons afterwards.

I’ve been on both sides. I started learning to drive on my 17th birthday. Four years, four tests and two instructors later I’ve finally got my licence. I don’t see why I should be ashamed of this really. I often found many people who passed first time became very arrogant (aka boy racers who ended up crashing several weeks later).

I wasn’t learning for those whole four years, I had a three year break for uni in between. I’m pleased to say I passed my theory first time on both occasions (in the UK you have to take your theory again if you don’t pass your practical within two years).

The main issue for me was and always had been confidence. I wasn’t scared of driving but I am scared of tests. I tried everything from chewing gum, bubble baths, walks, aromatherapy, herbal remedies and even specialist medicine to deal with nerves but nothing prepared me for the test. Every time it came around I turned into a nervous wreck. It  also didn’t help that the waiting list at my driving test centre was almost three months long, meaning that I had to worry about it for three months.

Then I got a cancellation, three days before the test, and to my surprise I didn’t feel nervous at all. I didn’t have time to be nervous. I was going away for the weekend and I kept my self busy with baking, blogging and doing other things. I didn’t try any of the de-stressing methods I’d tried before. I just kept my mind busy and pretty soon the “If I pass” turned into “When I pass”. Sure enough on Halloween 2011, I passed!

Often throwing yourself in the deep end helps and whatever you do don’t give up. Keep trying and you’ll get there in the end and it’s a fantastic feeling when it happens.

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