Melancholia review

08 Oct

QUICK UPDATE: For those of you following me on Twitter you’ll have seen that something happened to my laptop. Lets just say I will never be drinking around electrical items again. Luckily I was able to buy a new laptop immediately so I’m now writing this post on my new Sony VAIO E Series and it’s very pretty.

When I heard about this film I was very intrigued. Firstly, I love disaster movies. Secondly, Lars Von Trier is the director and his movies tend to be very gripping if not quite unsettling (do not watch AntiChrist if you have a weak stomach or are sane for that matter).

Melancholia is divided into two parts and each part focuses on one of two sisters. The first part focuses on Justine, played by Kirsten Dunst, on her wedding day which doesn’t go according to plan. Justine suffers from depression and after her divorced parents have a very public spat the wedding goes downhill from there on. Her sister and sister’s husband try their best to resolve matters but the night ends on a sour note. Throughout this first half Justine keeps pointing out a star that is more noticeable than the others. Her brother-in-law, played by Keifer Sutherland, is a keen astronomer and tells her that the star is Antares. This star then disappears as it is eclipsed by a rogue planet, Melancholia. It is believed the planet will fly by Earth which at first it seems to do so but it is later discovered that it is coming back and they will collide.

In the second half, the story is focused on the other sister Claire, played my Charlotte Gainsbourg, and how she tries to help her deeply depressed sister. The film is largely focused on the relationship of the two sisters and how they cope differently to their approaching doom. As Claire is frightened, Justine remains calm due to her depression and the roles are reversed as Claire relies on her sister for emotional support.

Not excusing Von Trier’s comments at the Cannes Film Festival, this film is very well put together and shows an interesting side to depression which many are not aware of. As I love astronomy I also enjoyed finding out about rogue planets which I didn’t know existed before now. I also loved Kirsten in this movie and I don’t think she really gets enough credit for how good of an actress she is. The CGI isn’t too bad either and the ending was definitely well worth the watch.

I give this movie five stars!

Want to find out more about depression go here

To find out more about rogue planets go here

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