Life after uni: Back with the parents

01 Oct

In a continuation to my Life after uni: REALITY CHECK post I now bring you the next instalment about how to handle moving back in with the parents.

I don’t know whether I grew or the house got smaller but I feel like there just isn’t any space for me here and before people start shouting “Get a job and move out” I have a job. No idiot just moves out when they’re in a poor financial situation, especially in these times.

There’s a couple of things you need to organise first. When you get back home you’ll realise that you have way more stuff than you left with. Pots and pans, a duvet, perhaps even a whole new set of drawers (IKEA was right next to my uni house) and a lot of this stuff just isn’t going to fit. Car boots sales come in handy at this point and as university finishes just before summer it’s perfect car booting season!

Once you’ve finished this there’s another thing you are going to have to get used to. You were gone three years…your brother needed a new bed, someone needed a replacement TV, this was a good place to put that old rug. Your room has probably changed a lot since you last lived in it, if not you’ve lost your room completely to the younger sibling. You probably noticed these changes before but you dealt with it because you weren’t there for long. The best thing to do is revamp your room. It’s probably too young for you anyway now that you’re in your twenties.

If you still do family food shops and meals offer to chip in some money or do the shopping with your parents. If you have space ask if you can have your own shelf or cupboard in the kitchen to put all your super noodles and snacks. Your not ready to give them up yet. Also, cook tea a few nights a week.

While we’re on that subject don’t expect to have your washing done and your room tidied any more. Most of you will have managed it at uni so you can do it now.

Relationships. Let your parents know when your boyfriend or girlfriend is coming over and if your single avoid bringing the one-off person back. That’s just going to be awkward.

It’s not just parents you need to watch out for. Siblings can be worse. If you argue like cat and dog just remember your older and wiser now (hopefully) and hopefully they are too so set the limits and learn to get along.

If your feeling down about all the new rules and loss of independence there are ways to make you feel better about your situation. Firstly look to the future. I plan to move out when I’m financially able and have already began saving and researching what I need and the areas. This is an instant pick me up because I also know what I need to work towards.

If your pride is hurting just remember your not the only one and don’t be put off by the horror stories of a 35 year old who still lives with their parents. Keep saving, stick to your goal and until then suck it up!

Lastly, just because you don’t want to live with your parents doesn’t mean you don’t love them so be honest when telling them your plans. You never know they might be glad.

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