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This is a special film review. Firstly it’s not a big film so not many of you have heard of it but it came out in the cinemas in London on September 2nd and went to DVD last week. You can also watch it on Sky Box Office now.

Secondly I was an extra in this film last year. Yes, I was one of the ravers and although you don’t see me in this film I played a little role of my own that I will forever remember.

Weekender is set at the beginning of the 1990’s, where warehouse parties and raves were rife. Jack O’Connell and Henry Lloyd-Hughes play two best mates who decide to start a new business of raves which soon take off and they eventually head to Ibiza, ravers capital. Meanwhile the government is tightening up on the parties and with it Dylan and Matt’s relationship becomes strained and they are soon forced to question what’s more important. Friendship or business?

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this film. There are no very well-known actors apart from Jack O’Connell, known as Cook from Skins, and it was low-budget, however, the outcome exceeded my expectations. Not only did it give an interesting insight into rave culture and it’s beginnings but it was also quite funny.

I actually got the privilege of meeting Jack O’Connell on set. You’re going to have to take my word for it because the scene wasn’t shown but I was dressed in a horrible green and purple track suit and had a make-up artist apply fake sweat to me so I must be telling the truth to admit to that. I was asked to act like a drugged up raver and was handed a bottle of water which became the best prop ever as during the scene Jack O’Connell himself strolled straight up to me and asked for my water, took a sip, said cheers mate and walked off.

Totally worth travelling all the way to London during the tube strikes and staying til past midnight.

I give it a four stars.

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