Clairvoyance: Real or fake?

17 Sep

I have always been curious when it comes to mystical and spiritual things. I always read my star sign in magazines, I have an array of incense sticks and candles and I still interpret my dreams with my handy pocket dream book.

The one thing I have always been skeptical of is clairvoyance. Firstly, I believe if humans can have spirits so can animals. Secondly, I just don’t get how it happens. It’s like a magic trick. You ask yourself how did they do that but deep down you know there is probably a simple explanation.

The only problem was I wasn’t going to be able to test it on me because apart from Tiger no one I really know has died. I had to go by people’s reactions instead. There were around 20 of us in a tent with two clairvoyants, a woman and a man. The woman went to a woman in front of her and began asking questions about her dead grandma, all of which seemed true. So far, so good.

The woman then moved on to several other members of the audience and a pattern instantly began emerging. Firstly, if it was a young person it was always a grandparent. If it was an older person it was a parent, friend or sibling. Secondly, if they suggested something that didn’t ring a bell they said “then it must have been someone close to that person but maybe you don’t know.”

The male clairvoyant was worse. Quite often he would get the wrong person entirely and then make a quick move to the person next to them claiming that it was a mixed signal. He also made an excuse about how when he gets going his speech goes crazy claiming it to be “the work of another spirit”. I wasn’t buying.all the general questions which could quite honestly apply to anyone, dead or alive.

As much as I wanted to believe that there may be some truth in this I wasn’t sold and actually got a little agitated by how generalised they were being. There was also the nagging feeling that some of the audience members were friends of the clairvoyants and that some of them had been asked to speak to others and get some information on who they were trying to get in contact with. By the break I’d had enough and left.

Clairvoyance. That’s £8 I’ll never see again.

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