Hydro Zorbing: The washing machine experience

05 Sep

It all started a few months ago when I was stuck for ideas of what to get my brother for his 18th birthday. After flicking through the Argos catalogue I eventually found a great idea. What could be more exciting than jumping into a big inflatable ball filled with water and rolling down a hill?

And so I went to Zorbing South’s website  and booked a voucher for my brother and his mate. I felt pretty down at this point because I wanted to jump in an inflatable ball as well and roll down a hill. As luck would have it two vouchers appeared through my door a week later. Slightly puzzled I contacted the guys at Zorbing South and it turned out that an offer had just ended and I got an extra voucher.

I was one happy girl.

So on September 3, me, Tom, Aled (my brother) and his friend hopped in my boyfriend’s car and made the two hour journey down to Dorchester.

After eventually finding the place (it’s literally middle of nowhere) we walked down the zorbing hill to reception which I’ll be honest looked quite small but you’ll later discover this is probably due to safety. You see zorbing is classed as an “extreme sport”. There are two types of zorbing. Harness, where you are held in and rolled/bounced down a  hill and the newly invented hydro where a puddle of (warm!) water awaits you when you jump in and you are zipped up in the ball. You can have up to three people in the hydro one but we went in pairs. After putting our stuff away and making sure we were wearing the right clothes (shorts and t-shirt I would advise and not a white top if you are a woman). You do get extremely wet so you have to bring spare clothes and a towel. There are changing rooms. We were also weighed in our pairs on arrival as there is a weight limit.

After removing our shoes we headed for the waiting area where a land rover came and picked us up. I put my safety belt on but was then reminded by an amused driver that I was about to roll down a hill with no harness. Me and Tom went first because we’re fearless. Tom made a massive dive into the ball and then I made the mistake of a half dive leaving me stuck in the entrance of the ball. I was very happy to discover the water was warm as I fell head first into it. We were then told to get on our hands and knees and crawl as fast as we could.

The whistle blew and we were off! Well, Tom was. I immediately lost my footing and face planted the plastic. Eventually my entire body went and slide straight under Tom taking out his arms and legs. So we literally became clothes in a washing machine for 75% of the way down. You understand then why it’s an extreme sport. You literally cannot get control when you are in the ball so there is no point trying. You will flop about like a fish (I even managed a few flips) and if there are two or three of you in it you should expect some kicks and punches. Tom managed to knee me in the head at one point.

After getting out of the ball we waited for my brother to come down. There must be something about the Chapple family because my brother slipped straight away as well but instead of sliding under he just landed on his friend.

Even though it only takes around 30 seconds from top to bottom it didn’t go as quickly as I thought it would and it’s actually just the right amount of time before you start seriously hurting yourselves.

It is quite expensive so firstly I would advise to go straight to the website and not go through anywhere else as it costs more. Also, wait for a deal if you can. I booked this around the end of June. There aren’t many places who do it so you may have to travel miles like we did but you might as well make it a day trip. Weymouth’s beautiful beach (my favourite beach in the UK) is literally 20 minutes away and that’s where we spent the rest of the day.

Go to to book.

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One response to “Hydro Zorbing: The washing machine experience

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    September 5, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    This sounds absolutely fantastic – we don’t have the chance to buy such vouchers here in Australia. Sounds awesome!


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