Race for life 2011

23 Jul

I did it! Last Saturday I faced my fear of racing and ran/jogged the Race for Life at Prospect Park, Reading.

My time was 33 minutes and I’m guessing I did well as I was one of the first from the joggers group to pass the finish line.

My mum also took part but decided to walk. Well done to her and her work buddies who walked it with her. My dad and boyfriend were also there to ‘cheer’ us on. I say cheer but it was more like insulting me into running faster. The joke was on them though as I made it to the finish line before they got there but sadly this meant no one was around to see my big finish.

We were very noticeable among the crowd. My mum wore two pink wigs and a pink boa and I wore a pink top, pink shorts, pink fish nets and a pink cowboy hat (had to remove it when it came to running though).

I managed to raise £55 which wasn’t my target sadly but hopefully I will do better next year and beat my time. Thank you to everyone who did sponsor me!

Here are some pictures from the race and you can also see our picture on the Heart website here (new window).

Me at the Race for Life

Me at the Race for Life

Doing the warm up

Doing the warm up

Me running

Me running

Me with my medel

I did it!

Me, my mum and her work mates

The whole Race for Life gang. Me (far right), my mum (middle)

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