A tribute to Tiger

09 Jul

Sorry I’ve been gone a while. Lots has happened lately. I’ve been on holiday and I’m in the process of writing a post about it, I’ve had my braces removed FINALLY, I received my degree classification (2:1 BABY!) and I’ve started my new job at a magazine but sadly this week hasn’t been particularly good.

On Wednesday, Tiger my cat who I got as a present for my 6th birthday passed away. We found him collapsed by the front door when I arrived home from work and despite rushing to the vets it was clear he was just too ill.

I’ve made a tribute for Tiger on Youtube with a collection of photos and videos and I’ve also set up a gonetoosoon page for people to pay their respects. I know what some people might be thinking. It’s just a  cat. These people have clearly never had a pet or they’ve never had my pet. Tiger was a very special cat.

I’m going to miss him loads. Love you Tiger and rest in peace x

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