Help! I have FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder)!

06 Jun
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Do you have FAD?

My name’s Megan Chapple and I’m a Facebook addict.

Well, they say the first step is admitting it. I think I’ve known about this problem for sometime. It started with Bebo at school and moved to Facebook just before I went to University, where it got progressively worse. At first it was just to keep in contact with people but now I’m addicted to several Facebook games and now that I’ve finished university things are only going to get worse. It’s time I changed my ways. I’m not saying give it up all together but trying to be less reliant on it would be a good start.

Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) may soon be recognised as an actual disorder and is a sub-type of Internet Addiction Disorder. It’s a growing problem especially amongst young people and can even cause the person to have withdrawal symptoms. Other possible internet addictions include YouTube Addiction Disorder (YAD), Twitter Addiction Disorder (TAD) and Blackberry Addiction Disorder (BAD).


  • You’ve been out all day but still feel like you’re missing out on the world because you can’t check other people’s statuses.
  • You chat to people more on Facebook than you do in person.
  • You check Facebook every hour because something may have happened!
  • It’s become part of your routine to check it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  • You find you’re only taking photos to upload them to Facebook.
  • You only believe a relationships real when it’s made an official Facebook…even your own relationship.
  • Your pet has its own profile.
  • You have over 1000 ‘friends’ (you’re not fooling anyone).
  • You start accepting invitations to Facebook only events.
  • You set yourself up for a productive day and end up spending three-quarters of it on Facebook.
  • You’re on holiday but you’re dying to find the nearest Wi-Fi area to check your wall.
  • You don’t remember what you did before Facebook.

If you’ve ticked one or more of these you may be an addict. 

Kick your addiction

I understand Facebook has its good uses though. Keeping up-to-date with friends, finding out about events and sharing stuff like photos and music which is why I’m not giving up completely but there are other ways to do things that don’t rely on Facebook or the internet for that matter. Here’s some tips to follow if you want to conquer your addiction.

  1. Get the phone numbers of people you contact regularly on Facebook or who you feel you would need to contact. If you already have them then start using them! This will stop you from relying on Facebook too much as a means of communication.
  2. While you’re writing down phone numbers take down birthdays as well. It stops you looking like an idiot when people get ‘fraped’ and have their birthdays changed.
  3. Stop playing games! How many times have you come on to Facebook just to check if your crops or cakes are OK. Facebook games are pointless and often make your computer run very slow so quit Farmville, Bar World or whatever else is out there.
  4. Think of the things you could be doing instead. If it’s a sunny day go outside. If your supposed to be working make sure Facebook isn’t up in a separate window or tab so you’re not tempted.
  5. You could just go cold turkey and see if you can actually do it. Your parents used to do it before you so why can’t you?
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One response to “Help! I have FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder)!

  1. gascona

    June 6, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    after a while, you get used to it and don’t see it as a problem. And after that, you just get bored. I don’t care about FB that much anymore.


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