Videos, Walkmans and other ancient artifacts in my room

27 Mar

Technology moves too fast…so I give up. Not because i’m scared of technology but because I don’t see the point in spending hundreds of pounds on stuff just because it’s new when the old stuff works just fine, not to mention that anything technological you buy now will be out of date in two months max and be replaced by something smaller and “better”.

You’ll be surprised to know that I’m a 20 year old girl and far from being inexperienced in modern technology. When I have to use something I can, it just wouldn’t be my first choice. My friends, however, are on the other side of the spectrum. They update their gadgets more times in a year than I have pasta for dinner (and i’m a student!). I’m now bombarded on Facebook with statuses saying “My BBM pin is ****** add me” while I still have my old (and by old I mean two years old) phone that’s lucky to get on the internet at all and, to the horror of my housemate, still “Pay as you go”!!!

But the truth is I have no desire to update my stuff and I refuse to believe i’m the only young person out there who thinks this way. Most of what I own averages out at about two years of age but compare it to todays editions and the difference is insane! If I got into the craze of buying something everytime it got more advanced i’d be bankrupt in a month. Instead I take care of my stuff, wait until it’s unusable and then go out and buy a new one and it doesn’t even have to be the newest version. It just has to do the job. A phone must be able to text and ring people, a camera must take pictures, a music player must pay music. Yes, i’m not oblivious to the fact they’ve made huge advantages and that the new stuff is most probably better and allows you to do much more but why buy now for £300 when it’ll be half that price in a years time because something new has taken its place.

So I’ve looked around my room for things I use on an almost daily basis and still work great. Welcome to the museum of technology AKA my bedroom.

I still stand by that my Tesco "Pay as you go" mobile is cutting edge technology...excuse the cracked screen

Just connecting to the internet...


The smaller, newer memory stick belongs to my boyfriend and the larger, worn memory stick is mine. Size obviously doesn't matter as mine holds a measly 2 GB and his a whooping 16! And he insists his isn't even the newest version! Yet mine has been going two years strong and still hasn't let me down...touch wood

"It belongs in a museum" as my computer whizz boyfriend exclaimed. But this old girl is nearing her 4th birthday and is still just about usable. I'm not going to lie and say she works perfectly because she has her crashing moments but she obviously works well enough for me to write this blog on her.

I hear people laughing already. Yes, it is a CD Walkman. It is almost 5 years old (not including the headphones) and it still works fine! Granted, it's harder to carry around with you but I have proudly never owned an IPod and don't plan to until this old thing plays its final song.

It's practical! It plays both DVDs and videos (you'll see why this is so important with the next pictures) and it only requires me to move its indoor arial for a better picture. I also have to wear glasses in order to see the screen. No, it's not black and white.

Now for the grand finale! Videos!!! The reason why I have so many is because of boot sales (the only place I still know that sells them) where you can pick up videos from as little as 10 pence! Why spend £10 on a DVD, or heaven for bid Blue Ray, when you can pick up working videos for 10 pence! And even if they're not working...10 pence! The only issue I have now is space.

My 'Friends' collection all on VHS. This was actually a matter of appearance more than anything. I wanted the whole collection to look the same and not have some VHS and some DVD. When I started collecting, videos were still sold in shops so I just continued.


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2 responses to “Videos, Walkmans and other ancient artifacts in my room

  1. TheAuthor

    March 30, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    I stand with you! All this needless updating of gadgets every year. My mates are the same with the must have latest phones and sound systems.
    My ipod is 4 years old and so is my phone. Why get a new one just because it is out


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