‘I can’ but will will it be enough?

17 Mar

Yes, Blue are going to be singing for the United Kingdom in the 2011 Eurovision finals with their song ‘I can’. I’ve listened to the song and also watched them performing the song live on The Graham Norton Show last week and I have to be honest..they’re not half bad. The song has the same distinctive cheesy inspirational content that all Eurovision songs seem to take on but this one is actually quite catchy and I find myself actually singing along whenever I listen to it. That’s a sure sign that the song is a good ‘un.

I’ve been watching the Eurovision every year since 1997 (when the UK last won) and even though I despise how political it’s become there’s just something about this show that I love. Funny enough I don’t think it’s the musical side of the competition that draws me in. I actually mute the TV sometimes. The voting is perhaps the most exciting bit, more specifically the first five countries because that’s when the voting pattern is really established for the rest of the show. Every year I sit thinking maybe this year we might get a look in but sadly it’s always the same.

We haven’t had the best musical performances so it’s not like I’m saying we should have won but if you look at the songs coming out of other countries we’re not really that different. Now I must have a problem with my ears or musical taste because the winner never really is the winner and we’re often left with an anti-climax. Only recently has that changed with the new voting system where the winner is decided by not only the public but also a professional jury in each country and the voting is then combined. In the last two years we’ve seen some pretty good songs in the competition all though last years winner Lena was not my favourite (i preferred the Belgians’ Tom Dice).

So the voting isn’t as bad as it seems but what about our competition this year? We won’t know exactly who we’re facing in the final til the semi-finals have taken place but if we’re up against Jedward (sorry Ireland) we stand a pretty good chance of not coming last.

So I’m giving my full support to the boys and will be watching them in the live final on May 14 on BBC 1

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