BB9’S Bex comes to Coventry University

17 Nov

On the 12th November, Coventry’s well known Big Brother contestant Rebecca Shiner, better known as Bex, came to chat to students and answer questions on her time before, during and after Big Brother.

      She was most remembered from the house as being the girl who continuously flashed herself for the public viewing. In her own defense she told the audience at Coventry Conversations she did it to show big girls can be naked and confident although she explains she was portrayed negatively by producers and editors. She also spoke about how her relationship with Rex was manufactured as though they hated each other whereas in reality they had become good friends that just clashed at times due to their big personalities.

    Growing up, Bex spent most of her time standing outside TV studios and concert halls anxiously waiting for boy bands. She even resorted to missing school at times just to see her favourite boy bands which included Hanson, V and Busted. Before going into the house Bex worked as a nursery nurse but said she wanted to go into the house mainly to “sign an autograph” and hear Davina say “here are your best bits”.

      Most of the talk was about the process she under went to get on the show and what happened afterwards. It took Bex three years to finally be chosen as a contestant due to producers believing she would suffer emotionally. Despite that she was picked for the 9th running of the show but said during the time leading up to it her whole life went on hold. Producers needed to know everything about her background which included ringing up her ex-boyfriends and visiting family members. She was then given a week trial in the house before the show began with former housemates.

     The experience of the Big Brother house was not how she had pictured and she also said “it pushed you too your limits”.  However, Bex quite enjoyed being one of the more controversial contestants and said she liked to “shock and annoy people”. She went on to say “I don’t mind being laughed at, I quite enjoy it”. She even attempted that she had aimed to be the next Kinga in the house who is well known for being one of the crudest and outrageous housemates ever.

     Bex said that from the moment she entered the Big Brother house, she knew a hundred percent that she wasn’t going to win and told us that all the house mates believed that Kat would win. That’s why she didn’t really mind being evicted half way through as it was better than reaching the end and not winning because you got more publicity. Within the first 24 hours of leaving the house Bex had made £32,000 and turned down a £10,000 deal with Nuts to appear naked in their magazine.

     Her fame lasted three months; however, Bex believes it is better to stay out of the public eye as fame became slightly overwhelming at times especially when paparazzi started appearing outside her mothers’ house. Her latest public stunt is a tattoo of X factor contestants John and Edward on her bottom which has annoyed a lot of her fans although the idea was conjured by Bex writing on her Twitter that if she got 11,000 followers she would get the tattoo. Bex added to this by saying “I’ll get anyone’s name tattooed on me for the right price”. Her advice to people wanted to break into the showbiz industry is “say yes to everything”.

     Since her fame and fortune, Bex has moved back into her mother’s house and is now using her fame to host Ann Summers parties. Just recently she got a Visa and will be leaving the country to go to Australia for a while. As for her relationship with Luke, who she met on Big Brother, they have unofficially gone their separate ways for the time being but still remain good friends. This was due to their differences as Bex liked to party and Luke liked to stay home and “read books”. Luke now lives in Wigan.


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