05 Nov

Bex being ushered through the crowds at Coventry's Fresher ball

The Official Freshers’ Ball of 2008 took place opposite Coventry Cathedral on the 24th September and was host to many acts including ‘The Saturdays’ and Big Brother 9 and Coventry’s very own Bex.

It was probably the biggest event of Fresher’s week and was definitely a must for first time students to attend. The Ball took place in the Big Top which was a large tent that was erected in the University Square especially for Coventry University Fresher week which took place between the 20th and the 28th September. It was a great chance for the freshers’ to get to know each other even more and the cost of tickets all went towards the CUSU (Coventry University Student Union) which makes the whole University experience a whole lot better for the students of Coventry.

For the lucky few students who managed to get hold of VIP tickets, which were in short supply, they could even meet the acts backstage and speak to them. Overall, over a thousand tickets were sold for the event and the tent was bustling with people dancing and drinking and generally having a good time just being Freshers’ before the hard work of University life kicks in next week when their real lectures begin.

All acts were welcomed by the students, apart from Coventrys’ very own Big Brother Contestant Bex who was booed, and everyone appeared to be having a really good time. After Bex made a hasty exit off stage, because her arrival was poorly received by the students, she returned later to spend some more time with her devoted fans who had all been eagerly awaiting her arrival.

Amongst the crowds, a few people did tear themselves away from the party just to tell me exactly what they thought of the night. Criminology student Karen Leak, 18, found the ball “a pleasant night out with my mates and a great chance to meet new people as well as cheap booze” and she wasn’t the only one who discovered the cheap prices at the bar as it was jammed packed all night and when they weren’t at the bar the students were dancing the night away inside the Big Top until the Ball came to an end in the early hours. It was definitely a night to remember.

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