Love happens

31 Oct
love happens

Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart in Love Happens

Star rating: 3 stars

Like a lot of young females, I’m a big fan of Jennifer Aniston/ Rachel from ‘Friends’ and when I heard her say “love is everywhere and it happens” at the premier for this movie I thought to myself “you go girl!

For all single women out there, Jennifer is an inspiration and that’s why she always fits well into a messed about but managing to pull herself together and move on kind of character. In this film she is just that. Eloise Chandler is a successful florist who has unfortunately been unsuccessful when it comes to love. So much in fact that she’s become used to men betraying her and feels like every man is the same, that is, however, until she comes across widower, Burke, played by Aaron Eckhart.

     Burke has also had misfortune when it comes to love but of a different kind. Three years prior to meeting Eloise, Burke lost his wife and love of his life in a tragic car accident and has since been recovering from his loss by becoming a self-help guru, helping others to cope with their grief.

     Although it is a romantic film about two people finding the power to love again I can’t help thinking love was not the main topic of this movie. The relationship between Eloise and Burke continues as just dating throughout the majority of the film with Eloise in some places acting as Burke’s self-help guru.

     The film mainly focus’s on Burke and the guilt he feels over his wives death and although this is all very touching and did bring tears to my eyes, especially the scene involving the parrot, I have to think that the real love in this film was the love Burke had for his late wife. Because of this I find the title slightly misleading, however, you are by the end left with the sense that Burke has overcome his trials and is ready to move on and develop his relationship with Eloise.

     If you’re like me and very over emotional you will need your tissues handy but all in all it is a feel good film that offers more than just a message on love. Also look out for the playfully funny acting of Judy Greer and heart-warming performance from Martin Sheen.

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