Fame review

07 Oct

Star rating: 3 stars

     This modern remake of the 80’s classic will definitely delight young people who have always wanted to see the famous musical on the big screen. Set in New York City, it is the story of a year group of talented, young performers attending a performing arts school in the hope it will make them into stars. It begins with their audition and ends with their final year and follows them as they uncover hidden truths about the real world and the world of fame. The actors are also young and only just entering the world of fame themselves. 19 year old, rising star, Kay Panabaker plays quiet and very naive Jenny Garrison who is trying to break into the world of acting but discovers it’s harder than she thought.

Naturi Naughton in 'Fame'

Naturi Naughton performing in 'Fame'

       There were many notable performances throughout, especially with the choreography but it was a disappointment in the finale with an anti-climax due to the lack of ideas and weak chemistry between characters.  Despite that though, the main dancer Alice Ellerton played by Kherington Payne was exhilarating and she delivered several amazing performances. The most noticeable performance, however, came from Naturi Naughton who plays Denise Dupree, a classical piano player whose strict father has kept her from doing the one thing she loves, singing. Her incredible vocals was also the main voice of the new remixed  version of the popular theme song “Remember my name”, however, you have to wait till the end credits to hear it.

       The characters and their actors are not the only newcomers in the movie. The director, Kevin Tancharoen, is very new to the movie scene having only filmed two MTV series previously entitled “Twentyfourseven” and “Dance life”. It is, however, clear from this film that it is the work of a rookie with his use of graphics and story jumping making the movie appear more like a documentary. One friendly face you may recognise in the film is American Actress Megan Mullally (AKA Karen Walker) star of ‘Will & Grace’ who plays one of the teachers.

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